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Hard Core Baskets History

Hard Core Inc. was founded in 1975 by Richard and Victoria Wellington in the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Here the natural resources of Hard Core's products abound, and are carefully harvested to insure their annual regeneration.

The company's unusual name derives from the original product designed by the Wellingtons: Sections of logs with the "hard core" drilled out, transforming them into natural flower pots. What began as a cottage industry has grown into a company that employs many local craftsmen and women whose skills are reflected in the thousands of floral products we provide to wholesalers across the nation and world.

As Hard Core, Inc. continues to grow, our dedication to the tradition of excellence, which provides the foundation of the company, increases. Join our growing list of customers and experience the courteous service, swift delivery, and guaranteed satisfaction that are the goals of all of us here at Hard Core, Inc.