• Twig Oval Wreath with Pocket and Top Flair Product Image
    Twig Oval Wreath...

    Twig Oval Wreath with Pocket and Top Flair. Unique piece hand crafted made of natural product. This one of a kind piece is excellent for any decor. Available in various sizes for indoor or outdoor use.

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  • Grapevine Angel Product Image
    Grapevine Angel

    Hand made 26" Grapevine Angel. This angel is perfect for home arts and crafts, natural decor, or your winter decorations. An excellent Christmas signature.

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  • Bird Nest on Branch Product Image
    Bird Nest on Branch

    The Bird Nest on a Branch is a twig measuring approximately 23" with a 3" bird nest attached.

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  • Grapevine Deer Product Image
    Grapevine Deer

    Grapevine Deer Standing. This beautiful piece is hand crafted. The best available grapevine is attached to a sturdy wire frame. These are ideal yard decorations. Treat vine with sealant to prevent fading from prolonged exposure to the elements. These are a wonderful Christmas, Winter, and Spring decoration. The dear come in a variety of sizes in standing or laying positions. Special shipping required. 55" Dear requires LTL Shipping and must be palatalized please contact us for freight.

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  • Twig Wall Basket Product Image
    Twig Wall Basket

    Twig wall basket hand crafted of natural product is excellent for floral arrangements and a wide range of other decorations. Available in two sizes for indoor or outdoor use.

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  • Honeysuckle Peek-a-boo Wreath Product Image

    Honeysuckle Wreath Peek-A-Boo. This is a custom hand crafted piece we wrap our finest honeysuckle around a wire frame creating a bowl shaped wreath. Fill the center with your favorite decorations. Ideal for moss, silks, feathers, twigs etc. 12" Honeysuckle Peek-A-Boo Wreath 6 per case pack.

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  • Burlap Black Open Weave Product Image
    Burlap Black Open Weave

    Burlap is ideal for any holiday decor, Christmas, Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Spring and Summer. There are endless decorating possibilities with our quality burlap. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and open weave.

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  • Grapevine Oval Wreath (Multiple Sizes Available) Product Image
    Grapevine Oval...

    Crafted from nature, our oval grapevine wreaths are a perfect base for silks, mesh, and burlap with home arts and crafts. We provide hand woven wreaths usable for year round decoration. Available in various sizes to meet your decorating needs. 10" Oval Grapevine Wreath 20 per case pack.

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  • Grapevine Pumpkin Product Image
    Grapevine Pumpkin

    Grapevine pumpkin set. Receive one each of all three sizes of our decrative pumpkins. Add variety to your fall and Halloween decorations.

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  • Wing Bark Square Wreath Product Image
    Wing Bark Square Wreath

    Square Wreath Wing Bark 16" This one of a kind piece is hand made wire frame covered with wing bark. This delightful piece can be decorated for Christmas, Fall, Thanksgiving, Summer, Easter, July. Add some deco mesh, poly burlap, or burlap for any season.

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