• Grapevine Rectangle Basket Product Image
    Grapevine Rectangle...

    Grapevine Rectangle Basket w/Handle. The possibilities with this basket are endless, ideal for greenery, silk flowers, gift basket, or fruit basket. This sturdy basket can be filled for most any occasion, wedding, holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or funeral. Basket measures 7" x 17" x 15"

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  • Vine Cross Product Image
    Vine Cross

    Vine Cross. Available in two sizes. This cross adds beauty to any d├ęcor especially around Easter and Christmas, ideal for year round as well. Can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

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  • Grapevine Tree Cone Product Image
    Grapevine Tree Cone

    Grapevine Tree Cone is hand constructed by wrapping our finest grapevine on a sturdy wire frame. Our tree cones are built to last for many years. Add some twinkle lights for the perfect Christmas decoration or delightful addition to your spring garden, can be used indoors or outdoors. 12" Grapevine Tree Cone 12 per case pack.

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  • Wing Bark Square Wreath Product Image
    Wing Bark Square Wreath

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  • Pole and Twig Rectangle Product Image
    Pole and Twig Rectangle

    Pole and Twig Rectangle measures 19" x 10". The poles are wrapped with twig to create an elegant yet simple design. This piece can be used as a picture frame or wall accent for a wide variety decor. Also available with pocket.

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  • Grapevine Cornucopia Basket Product Image
    Grapevine Cornucopia...

    Grapevine Cornucopia Basket adds another dimension to an already popular item. This unique design fits a wide variety of decor. 12" Grapevine Cornucopia Basket 7 per case pack.

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  • Grapevine Angel 24" Product Image
    Grapevine Angel 24"

    Grapevine Angel measures 24". This flat angel is perfect for a variety of wall decorations. Grapevine Angel 6 per case pack.

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  • Twig Wreath with Flair Product Image
    Twig Wreath with Flair

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  • Brich Stick Wreath Product Image
    Brich Stick Wreath

    Birch Stick Wreath. Available in multiple sizes. This imported wreath is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and anytime of year. Add a bow for the perfect door decor.

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  • Grapevine Vase Product Image
    Grapevine Vase

    This custom made grapevine vase is ideal for year round use in a variety of decor. This vase measures 9" wide by 14" high. Our grapevine vase makes an excellent center piece or side table arrangement. Add some deco mesh or burlap and the possibilities are endless. (vase does not have a bottom)

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