• Grapevine Star Product Image
    Grapevine Star

    Hand crafted Grapevine Star is perfect for use in Americana, country primitive, or holiday home decor. Use this unique star as is or add lights, pip berries or other craft items. 11" Grapevine Star 25 per case pack.

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  • Twig Bunch Square Product Image
    Twig Bunch Square

    Twig Bunch Square Wreath available in various sizes. Use to frame a picture or wall decoration. This unique hand made wreath is made offers a natural accent to any decor.

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  • Twig Lacy Wreath Product Image
    Twig Lacy Wreath

    Twig Tiny Lacy Wreath. Available in two sizes. This tiny wreath is ideal for a variety of decor. Add mesh, burlap, or ribbon to accent this tiny wreath.

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  • Grapevine Teardrop Table Basket Product Image
    Grapevine Teardrop...

    Hand crafted unique Grapevine Teardrop shaped table basket. This basket can be used as a gift basket or center piece with items such as wine bottle and wine glass, candy, fruit, or flowers. 24" Grapevine Teardrop Table Basket 3 per case pack.

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  • Twig Star Product Image
    Twig Star

    The 6" Twig Star is ideal for a variety of decor. this small imported piece is ideal for 4th of July decorations and Christmas/Winter. Twig Star 12 per case pack.

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  • Grapevine Peek A Boo Ball Product Image
    Grapevine Peek A Boo...

    Peek A Boo Ball - This unique design can be used standing up or lying down to hold your favorite floral items or deco mesh. Available in three sizes.

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  • Twig Wreath with Flair Product Image
    Twig Wreath with Flair

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  • Twig Deer Product Image
    Twig Deer

    Hand made Twig Deer 26" standing with head up. These sturdy deer are crafted with a wire frame covered in twig. Sturdy construction allows for years of enjoyment. Natural addition to yard or garden decoration.

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  • Grapevine Wall Basket Product Image
    Grapevine Wall Basket

    Grapevine Wall Basket with basket opening measuring 6". Great any time of year. 18" Grapevine Wall Basket 6 per case pack.

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  • Grapevine Deer Head Product Image
    Grapevine Deer Head

    Grapevine Deer Head available in two sizes, 24" and 36". This beautiful piece is hand crafted. The best available grapevine is attached to a sturdy wire frame. Great addition to the decor for the avid hunter.

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